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Terrible Smart & Smartbro Mobile Data Connections

It all started when I bought a Globe sim prepaid card. I loaded my tablet with 1-month worth of internet connection. (I loaded it with 1000 pesos worth of load then texted in caps SUPERSURF 999 sent it to 8888. Then you’ll receive a verification text of your 1-month prepaid subscription.) I had a steady internet connection, albeit a slow one. I found out that the area where I lived had a weak Globe connection. I can only get a semi-decent connection of H+ when my device is placed in my living room and barely a E and a one bar signal when in the bedroom.

When my 1-month of promo mobile data connection was up. I decided to switch to a Smart mobile sim card and again I loaded my Smart sim with a 1-month promo subscription like with what I did to my Globe. The signal was fine and everything.  I could even get a 3g and H+ signal in the bedroom. Unfortunately, those signals just didn’t reflect their actual performance and they were extremely erratic. How erratic? It’s like having a 3g signal reflected on the device and a “no internet connection”  reflected on a page you are trying to open. Anyway, half-way through my 1 month subscription, I couldn’t get a mobile data signal. I tried restarting my device, turning my mobile data off and on at intervals and even trying my sim to other devices. Still I got nothing. So I called the Smart toll free number about out it and they promised to get back to me within 24 hours. And even before the 24 hours was up, I got my mobile data signal back. And even with the snail-like and erratic signal, I stuck it out with Smart. It’s not like I can do anything about it since I am still subscribed for  a couple of weeks to Smart. And then less than a week after I got my mobile data back on track, I experienced again the same problem. I called Smart and they gave me a report reference number and promised to get back to me again after 24 hours. I waited for a day. And waited for another day. No mobile data. No feedback from Smart. I called Smart again and got their standard answer of waiting for 24 hours then gave me a new report reference number for my call. I waited for another 24 hours. So it was after three days that I realized my complaint wasn’t getting anywhere.

Then I caught myself thinking.  What if my Smart sim wasn’t working because I used it for internet and not for mobile calls. What if I should  buy their Smartbro. Their Smartbro is being marketed mainly for internet, right?  I should try the Smartbro. And so I did. Stupid me bought a new sim and loaded another 1000 pesos worth of load for my tablet and registered my load for a monthly internet promo again. I know I should have tried loading per day or per week but I honestly thought I could save money with a whole month subscription for 995 pesos compared to a 50-peso daily internet subscription or 300 pesos weekly. So I loaded my Smartbro for 30 days and like with my Smart, have signals as high as 3g but slow to nonexistent internet connections. I tried going to places where Smart boasts high 4g and LTE connections like La Paz here in Iloilo. Nada. Nothing. My mobile data shows connection of 3g(since my tablet is not 4g or LTE compatible), and should have had a decent internet connection. But no, I got zero connection. Thirteen days of unlimited internet connection down the drain.  I was robbed. Me, a regular, a mere nobody was screwed over by the biggest telecommunications in the Philippines. Again. And I know I would be wasting my time calling their helpline since I ‘ve already done that and nothing to show for it. Why would a telecommunication giant  listen to a single unknown and uninfluential customer right? I would be wasting my breath. Had in fact wasted my breath enough already.

So that is why today, I will be switching again to Globe. I may not get a strong signal from where I live but at least it is steady. At least it is honest with its signal. At least it doesn’t say 3g when the connection is close to nonexistent.

You might wonder why I don’t have a broadband connection at home when clearly I can afford one since what I pay for a monthly subscription of mobile data connection costs more or less the same with that of a broadband. I actually had a PLDT broadband connection but it got broken and reported it to PLDT, called and reported like 5x on ther helplines, visited their branch 3x but they didn’t act on it until my contract with them expired. On hindsight I should have known that Smart would screw me over. PLDT and Smart are sister companies so why should I expect the latter would be any better, right?

Do forgive me for my use of LTE, 4g, 3g, H, and E reference. I do not know their actual names or what they stand for. I only know of them to pertain kinds of internet speed based from what is reflected on my device and from what I see in ads. 🙂


Porma Over Substance

Porma over substance.  I’ve recently encountered this phrase over and over on the reviewers I studied for a Teacher’s Board Exam.  Chimes45 of yahoo answers explained it best — “It usually means that the content or subject doesn’t matter as much as the appearance or the structure of something. In other words, it doesn’t have to make sense as long as it’s visually appealing.”

Porma over substance.  Recently, my kids’ school has made such a big deal over beauty pageant/search  were kids from pre-elementary and elementary were made to parade in thick makeup, hair extensions, false eyelashes, spent so much money and made so much fuss over such shallow pursuits instead of giving their time and focus on improving competent learning with meaningful activities.

I don’t think that search/pageant is an intellectual or even a meaningful activity for kids ages 4 to 13.  For how will it teach the little ones?  That thick makeup, expensive change of clothes and swaying hips will give them confidence? Shouldn’t we be teaching our kids to be confident just the way they are and to be themselves? Wouldn’t thick makeups, hair extensions and false eyelashes be teaching them the opposite? If they want to teach kids confidence in themselves, they can achieve all that in some other way.

I have nothing against beauty pageants. I love pageants.  All I’m saying is that pageants aren’t  effective and suitable platforms to mold children as young as pre-elementary and elementary into smart and confident individuals.

Sadly, my kid was one of the contestants on that said pageant. When I consented to let my daughter join the pageant, I thought it was just an ordinary and simple search/pageant, very much like the simple and unimportant academic events of their school.  But I learned soon enough that they are making a big production out of of the pageant.  I didn’t like the idea so I made my point.  I just regretted that my kid has to be the medium to which i can deliver my point.  Luckily my kid is too intelligent and aware of her worth that she wasn’t affected by the sidelong and yes, even pitying glances they gave her when she stood out like a sore thumb by taking the ramp in simple unassuming attires and makeup.  If I so wanted her to blend in, I would have given the other parents a run for their money.

Porma over substance.  It should have been the other way around. I am really disheartened with the school.  If truth be told, I am mulling on transferring my daughter to another school next school year where the school and I share the same important values in educating a child. I don’t want a school were stuffs like pageants are given higher importance and attention compared to their academic events.

Porma over substance.  I am truly, truly disheartened and disappointed. They should have focused more on how to put their school on the map by producing quality pupils. And how can they do that when they give more importance and spent more on things like pageants?

Porma over substance.  Others may not view it that way.  But that’s my two cents worth on the issue of pageants for gradeschoolers.