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Vaginoplasty and labiaplasty: from someone who’d actually done it

I confess I did it. And I did it for what others may perceive to be shallow reasons. It proved to be the best decision I made last year and never regretted it for a minute.

Folks, I got five kids. Yes, FIVE! That’s how many they are. The last one was born through Caesarean Section. It wasn’t for lack of trying to push my baby out, though. My one and the only boy got his umbilical cord around his foot and leg and he was curled the wrong way; and so every time I tried to push him out, he went back in. And I was getting older at 36 and didn’t have it in me to push some more. I guess my age just got me on this one hence the CS. The point is that although I may have four (still quite a lot) vaginal births, I had also strained my muscle walls from attempting a vaginal birth of my son. And I must admit that aging, multiple vaginal births(no matter that your OB patched you up real good after) and lots of sex throughout your married life ultimately affect and weaken and changed my vagina appearance. Yeah, I know about Kegel exercises, I’ve been doing the exercises since in my twenties until today. Well, it does help tighten those love muscles up but it doesn’t help much with the appearance, does it?

So on February of 2014, I had a laser vaginoplasty. The first time I had sex after the prescribed weeks of no sexual contact was more painful than enjoyable. And there were particular sex positions that were really impossible to do because it hurt like hell. It was like that for a couple of months more. But eventually, man oh man, was the sex getting good. I know, even if my husband didn’t admit wanting me to undergo that surgery, he was and is, enjoying our sex way more than he did prior.





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Yes, the procedure is quite pricey, but if you really want something, you’ll find a way to get it done.  I was lucky that I availed of some sort of promo discount of a certain cosmetic surgeon in my country. And I really set aside some money for it too.

I may not have a beautiful body and youth on my side anymore, but the confident sexuality that the vaginoplasty has given me, and years of experience is incomparable. I am way more confident in my femininity and my sexuality now at forty with five children than I ever was before in my early twenties. And you can bet your ass, my husband is reaping and enjoying the fruits of that confidence more so now than he had before.


“A mother-in-law dies only when another devil is needed in hell. – Francis Rabelais

It’s unfortunate that my husband’s mother took a dislike on me since the day she learned I existed. Since love begets love, it goes without saying that dislike begets dislike too.  It was unfortunate that I was being reviled through text even if I had nothing to do with their situation and I got to read them first before my husband had the chance to delete them. so I fought back with guns blazing

Many years had passed since then. People change, and I know I did.  I’m no longer the hate-filled woman I used to be. I’m no longer bitter as I once were.  I’ve grown. My world is wider now and I see things differently and tolerantly than before. Indeed, wisdom does come with maturity.

 People sometimes blame another for the shortcomings of a loved one. It is, after all, way too easy to hate someone you already disliked than lose faith of someone you love. But all that is water under the bridge already.Now I understand. I accept. And I finally don’t mind anymore.