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worst domestic airline I know

My daughter purchased a round trip promo ticket CEB-MLA only to find out a few days before her scheduled flight that her flight schedule was moved to a later time. It was truly an inconvenience since her stay in Manila would be shortened for bit.. And then, a day prior to her rescheduled flight, she again received a text informing her that her return flight schedule MLA-CEB was canceled. She was again forced to reschedule her flight if she doesn’t want to forfeit her promo flight price. Instead of choosing flights for convenience, she had to rearrange her schedule to fit to her flight sked instead. It was quite a hassle really.
When her returning flight schedule was nearing, she was 10 mins. late for the check in.. She would have made it if the flight wasn’t moved again 30 minutes earlier. As it was, her precious promo fare became useless and she ended up paying thrice as much for a one way flight to Cebu than her original round trip pre booked promo price fare. Zest Air is really by far the worst and lousiest domestic airline in the Philippines. So if you want to travel hassle-free to any domestic destination DO NOT travel via Zest Air no matter how appealing their promo fares are. You’ll end up paying for it thrice in inconvenience with their constant flight rescheduling and cancellation.