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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Tinnitus is Thy Name..

It’s been months since my last post.  Lots of things had happened to my life and the lives of people around me. Less than a month ago, my husband was hospitalized because he suffered a severe vertigo episode that lasted for almost a day. He had suffered vertigo episodes before but not as severe as what he experienced last January 25. He had an MRI (which cost quite a lot), two ct scans, some lab works which include checking his thyroids, VNG testing or Videonystamography (for further info on VNG, click on this link: and PTabs. Anyway, after all the tests had been done to rule out cancer (which was quite a real possibility during his hospitalization phase hence the two ct scans and an MRI), my husband’s ENT specialist–who was reputed to be the best here in Iloilo by the way–told him that his vertigo problem really stemmed from his tinnitus or the constant ringing of both his ears.. To cut this lengthy story short, tinnitus is a condition wherein most causes are unknown and cannot be cured.  According to hubby’s ENT again, he had to learn to live with the condition the rest of his life.  Well, he didn’t exactly say it in that way but that was what I gathered between his assurances of longevity in life and management of tinnitus when he talked to my husband and me about this.  But he also said that during his entire career and service as a doctor (and he has a pretty extensive experience since he is oldish already and with patient lists of probably half of the population in Iloilo who have had ENT problems), my husband is only the 2nd patient whom he had attended, to have a tinnitus with a very high frequency of ringing in the ears).

Tinnitus may not be a severe condition but it is life-changing.  Management of this kind of condition is terribly hard for the person. And in my husband’s case, it is also hard for the family–more so for a family as young as ours are.  Why?  Where my hubby used to play with the kids, now gets angry when they get noisy.  He’s irritable and unhappy. And although the kids understand, they miss their dad from before.  They are more subdued and cautious when their dad is around. And when my husband and kids are unhappy, I am unhappy–and stressed.  I get stressed feeling helpless and unable to do anything to relieve his situation.  I get stressed every time I hear him walk about the house in the wee hours of the morning because he can’t sleep.  I get stressed looking at him and see the effects of what he is going through.  No wonder, tinnitus sufferers also suffer depressions and have high suicide rates. And I get stressed and worried about that fact too.

He described his tinnitus to me  as hearing  a rat repeller app with very high frequency and high volume inside his ears non-stop and without reprieve. Poor man.   And to top it off, this tinnitus is the cause of his sudden onset of severe vertigos for like an average of 2- 4 times a week.

Tinnitus is thy name of one of the silent mostly incurable condition that is slowly wreaking havoc in my once happy healthy family life.

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VNG testing photo of my husband, Carlo