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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Rachel Caine’s Morganville Vampires

I was randomly scanning my e-library out of boredom and came across one of Rachel Caine’s books–the Morganville Vampire Book 1 Glass Houses.  I skimmed through the chapters to pass the time but soon found myself going back to Chapter 1 and reading it for real.  I got hooked.  And the next thing I know I was done with it and started reading Book 2 Dead Girls’ Dance.  Now I’m almost done reading the sixth book Carpe Corpus.

When I finish the whole Morganville Series, I’ll be writing about the whole lot.  But I have to say now that so far, I found the first book Glass Houses the best read of the MorganvilleVampire series but I’m still enjoying reading Book 6 though.  And even if it would get boring and boring(I hope not) when I get to the last remaining books of the series, I’d probably be reading it still because shameful as it is, I’m like a dog with a bone when it comes to reading books and their sequels.  I can’t stand not knowing how a story would finally and conclusively end.


The Hunger Games: movie vs. book



I usually read the book first before seeing the story in live screen , but in Hunger Games, I did the reverse.  I liked the movie version and on my way out from the movie theatre I remembered thinking that I should read the book since the story from movies aren’t as good as getting the story from the book themselves.  So I read the book. I was delighted to find out that although the movie was a shortened version of the book, it followed the story—settings, how the character looks and even the description of how the Capitol fashion of Panem looked like—as closely as possible.  Or, perhaps my imagination while reading the book was already colored with what I saw from the movie that’s why I could no longer tell any difference from the book. The book however did provide details on the characters of the story and why they act a certain way.  The only difference the book and the movie has, as far as I can recall, was the absence of Madge Undersee, the character who actually gave the mockingjay pin to Katniss.  But not a big deal. However, the movie should have put an emphasis on the significance of the mockingjay in the story and in the coming sequels of The Hunger Games trilogy.

On the whole I can honestly say that the movie really did justice to the book.  I love both.  And I did finish reading the whole Hunger Games trilogy so next time when the coming sequel movies– Catching Fire and Mockingjay will hit the big screen, I’ll be ready.